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Incise, Echo & Repeat

January 25 – March 2, 2019, Opening Reception: January 25, 2019 6-8 pm
107 Suffolk Street, 2nd , NY NY 10002
Open daily 3:30-700 pm except major holidays

The Clemente, as part of its arts professionals-juried exhibition series, is pleased to present Incise, Echo and Repeat, a show about fracturing in current painting curated by Kylie Heidenheimer and Camilla Fallon.

These painters twist and fracture space within the frame in myriad ways. They improvise with form, structure, surface, touch and playful gesture. Is fracturing a zeitgeist in contemporary painting? A few reference still life and nature, replete with synthetic objects, as well as urban spaces that include construction sites or architectonic abstraction. Others fracture space with gesture and activate it in the paintings’ frames through geometric or organic linear division. Fracturing and fragmenting exist in various forms and serve different purposes. There is order and disorder in nature: fracturing can be arbitrary, as in an earthquake, or ordered, as in the breaks of a crystal or schist with the same or similar patterning. Geometry plays a role in both painting and nature. Fractured space in the former is one manifestation and can be architectural, ordered, chaotic, explosive or finally, fragmented.