Casa Cor Miami Design Fair

Casa Cor Miami Design Fair, December 2-21, 2019

Penthouse, 700 Brickell, Miami

Eyes on the Canopy

MIAMI, FL- Eyes in the Canopy - Curated by Ibett Yanez del Castillo of Ground Control MIA

& Tyler Emerson Dorsch of Emerson-Dorsch Gallery, Miami.

Eyes in the Canopy presents a group of artists whose approach to environmental issues proposes a new conversation surrounding the intangible dilemma of climate change. Working across a diverse range of media, artists in the exhibition explore themes of landscape and the cultural intersection of aesthetics, architecture, and nature. Changes in urban planning, driven by economic growth, expansive populations, and city migration, have in recent years, aggressively removed nature from designs and urban planning.

The thought of a violent variation in our ecosystem due to climate change is real and yet is presented as myth, while we slowly begin to experience the effects brought on by global warming. Artists selected for Eyes in the Canopy explore the tangible immediacy of climate change as an effect of our urban planning, the lack of natural landscape in our designs, and how the absence of nature is conditioning social structures and behaviors on a global level. The exhibition explores such changes with artists asking these very questions.

We share the water, the sky, and the landscape. Artists in Eyes in the Canopy have expansive ideas of how we share the earth we live on. Their art provides unique insights on a contemporary approach to architectural environments — the works in the exhibition exemplify our struggle with a lack of nature in modern culture. These artists inform the myth of climate change while presenting the collective unconscious of a world that’s changing. Through their work, a universal fear of issues heard but not seen is showcased. The exhibition encourages communities to share ideas of natural resilience and bring forth unprecedented ideas for change.

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of Casa Cor 2019, a design fair in downtown Miami, located in the penthouse level of 700 Brickell Ave. The fair, curated by Lina Hargrett of The Empty Apartment, will open to the public on Dec 2nd, 2-8pm, and the presentation will be on view through Dec 21st (See the website for hours:

Artists in Exhibition & Participating Galleries:

Robert Chambers / Courtesy of the Artist and Emerson-Dorsch Gallery, Miami

Elisabeth Condon / Courtesy of the Artist and Emerson-Dorsch Gallery, Miami

Juan Gonzalez / Courtesy of the Artist and Ground Control MIA, Miami

Karen Rifas / Courtesy of the Artist and Emerson-Dorsch Gallery, Miami

Anastasia Samoylova / Courtesy of the Artist and Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami

Thank you our generous sponsors: Art Logic, Miami / The Lighting Company, Miami / Eco-Ceilings, Miami / Maxicon, Miami /